New Century Information (NCI) is recently established in Gävle at Open Spatial Office, Gustafsbro. NCI has developed a new world leading concept, in the field of “High Precision Outdoor Tracking”.

One of the founders of New century information is  New Century Productions in Partille, Gothenburg which is the world leader in live television production of sport, among other things, Wimbledon, World Cup/ World champs cross country skiing, Biathlon World Cup/World Champs, Ski Orienteering, Foot-Orienteering, Track and Fields with the World Champs, European Championships and the Diamond League and Alpine Skiing as references.

NCI’s focus is positioning in real-time, integrated with live TV production and standalone graphic features.

Bengt Julin, one of the owners of the company, explains:
- By measuring the position and movements with high accuracy and resolution creates conditions for the development of live broadcasts to a new level – where the image can be supplemented with information on speed, acceleration and forces – in all dimensions (3D), says Bengt Julin and continues;
- We have decided to establish in Gävle to be a part of, and get access to, the development that takes place within GIS, GIT, GPS, GNSS and also within the FPX cluster environment for innovative use of Geographic IT.